Repairs & Refit Supervision Services

Leeships can provide full marine repairs and supervision services:

Leeships offers consultancy services in  refit and refurbishment, conversion and ship repairs and newbuilding.

Leeships represents a close network of pre-vetted shipyards and works directly with a wider pool of shipyards, drydocks, and shipbuilders. Through established relationships with professional partners, Leeships ensures realistic savings are enjoyed by the shipowner or investor regardless of the size or scale of the project. These yards and their services are marketed under the Leeships / Leeyards brands.  Leeships/Leeyards has an extensive list of successfully contracted dry-dockings that spans across all type of vessels, from high-tech LNGs to vintage Bulkers. The key point of success is based on an evenly distributed effort in targeting project requirements, proper field preparation and post-fixture close follow up throughout project development.

Leeships shipyard services include:
Pre-vetting of tankers
Pre-yard/pre-docking inspections
Budgetary planning for drydocking, repairs, conversions or maintenance
Allocation of a yard or shipbuilder and contract negotiation/management
Full or partial yard supervision
Underwater works
Layup services

The allocation of a shipyard is undertaken by the ship management team after the three shipyards are given a full specification of repairs or works for a particular vessel. The costs and time of the nominated shipyard are assessed to complete the dry docking of the vessel as laid out in the dry dock specification. The three individual shipyards quotations are placed in a spreadsheet and assessed and compared for costs and time to complete the dry docking of a particular vessel which is sent to the Ship Owner and lodged within the cloud-based maintenance system.

The dry docking of a vessel needs forethought, planning, good logistics to maintain the vessel to the highest and safest standards for an operational vessel. Experience in marine engineering comes with time. We have in the house many first class engineers who have undertaken many successful dry docking for Ship Owners.  We offer care and proficiency in dry docking that leads to safe and cost-effective dry dockings.

Leeships SPD (Special Projects Division)
Leeships SPD (Special Projects Division) can offer ship owners technical solutions to their marine project requirements from inception to completion which include the following core services:

Development of outline specifications
Production of tender documentation
Development of detailed work or build specification
Co-ordination of design
Design approvals on behalf of the owner
Identification and assessment of shipyards
Shipyard contract negotiations
Provision of experienced project management personnel
Provision of detailed and realistic project schedules
Implementation of project systems
Managing the procurement supply change that all the material / equipment
Maintaining effective communication between the client and the project team
Identifying and resolving the conflicts and resolving the bottle necks in the project
Developing contingency plans
Coach/ mentoring and motivating the project team.
Preparation of final documentation packages

No two projects are the same, for example one off projects, like the fitting of a large nitrogen plant into an existing vessel, needs careful planning to gauge variables and expensive pitfalls inherent with such an undertaking. We have within our team the proven expertise and track record to carry out to carry out such projects on time and within budget. A full presentation of this and other projects undertaken by "Leeships SPD" is available upon request.