Leetankers - Leeships Tanker Management Services

Leeships Tanker Management Services division was registered as Lee Shipping (Tanker) Corporation Ltd and marketed as Lee Tankers in 2010. The company was created at the specific request of a client who required a dedicated tanker Management Services company specifically to manage their fleet of aframax (crude) tankers and chemical tankers. Leetankers started by taking over 2 Aframax tankers of 100,000mts. In 2014 the client announced their intention to build 2 + 2 newbuilding Medium Range Chemical Tankers under the supervision and care of Lee Tankers.

Lee Tankers has since managed crude, chemical, gas and LPG tankers for private clients, listed companies and financial institutions. At various times Lee Tankers has co-invested in or acted as the protecting/nominee owner in the tanker market. Lee Tankers offers specialized tanker technical management, vetting and quality management, purchasing and crewing. Our services are managed with the best expertise as we aim to meet our clients requirements in the ever changing energy markets.

Lee Tankers - Objectives:
  • To ensure prompt quality services delivery at all times.
  • To ensure that only experienced, qualified and competent personnel are engaged to deliver quality services to our customers.
  • To ensure that the company employs the most cost effective and efficient technology to deliver customer requirements and achieve stakeholder’s satisfaction consistently.
  • To ensure continued profitability and increased customer base.
  • To operate in a safe and conducive business environment.
  • To maximize the company’s core competencies.

Lee Shipping (Tanker) Corporation Ltd - is marketed as Lee Tankers

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