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Lee Shipping Company marketed as "Leeships" began life in 1970 and has evolved over time into a modern day one-stop shop for ship owners seeking professional open book solutions from a professional team providing high-quality cost-effective services. 

The company has experience in vessels ranging from chemical tankers and crude carriers to offshore vessels, containerships and small coasters, operating world wide with all types of cargoes, including IMO, INF, heavy lift, project and bulk cargoes. Leeships has management hubs in Ireland - UK - Netherlands - Greece - Cyprus with world wide representation provided by a pool of field engineers, surveyors and maritime experts. For an updated list of vessels managed by Leeships please contact Ms Maya Lamour - Operations Department - Leeships or complete the "contact us" form.
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Lee Shipping Ltd was originally formed in 1970 to manage 2 small general cargo ships trading between the UK and Ireland until the mid-1980s. The company took its name from the mighty river Lee that rises in the Shehy Mountains and flows through the great merchant city of Cork and out to sea via Cork Harbour, the second largest natural harbour in the world. Many great mariners sailed from this river and it is in their honour that the company took its name. 

Proudly using this great name Lee Shipping Company grew steadily branching into multi-purpose, dry bulk, roro, rolo, container and passenger ships during the 1980s and 1990s. 

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Leeships technical department offers full shipmanagement, technical support, owners representation and support services in tailor made packages designed to protect the interests of shipowners and investors. Under this division the team provide the following:

  • Technical management services for vessels and offshore installations.
  • Shipboard ISM, ISPS and MLC Audits.
  • Marine survey services and vessel superintendency.
  • Pre purchase inspections and valuations.
  • Crew training, contracting and short term (delivery crew) services.
  • Accounting (opex, voyage and company).
  • Purchasing, supply and installation services.
  • New building supervision.
  • Repairs and drydock supervision.
  • Vessel take over/delivery voyages and end of life voyages.
Our experienced superintendents and shore staff have years of experience in Ship Management allowing us to offer clients maximized safety, operational and budgetary performance.  

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Leeships core business is the provision of management services for commercial seagoing vessels including:

  • Crude oil tankers.
  • Chemical and gas tankers.
  • Passenger ferries and Ro-Ro Ships.
  • Cruise Ships.
  • Super yachts.
  • Bulk Carrier ships.
  • Container ships.
  • General cargo ships and MPP vessels.
  • Offshore vessels.
  • Energy projects.

The company has implemented solid and reliable shipboard systems and has also developed an inhouse International Safety Management System can be added to Leeships own ISM and certified by relevant Flag Authority or IACS Class Society.

Technical Management Services

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Inspection & Survey Services

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Repairs & Refit Supervision Services

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Vessel & Equipment Valuation Services

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Salvage & Recycling Services

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Expert Witness & Consultancy Services

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Vessel Lay-up and Reactivation Services

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Vessel & Office Based Audit Services

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Leeships Crewing Services Division (LCS) was created to provide good quality seagoing personnel to shipowners and managers. The Crewing Services Division works to continually ensure cost effectiveness and efficiency by maintaining a pool of qualified seafarers via meticulous recruitment, training and continual appraisal.

LCS also maintains strong relationships with all the key stakeholders including training facilities, commercial and cruise ship principles, government officials, immigration, port authorities, embassies, medical facilities provider, airport authorities, government training facilities and our crew members. Emphasis is on continuing support in education, competence building, and career development via training ashore as well as on board in agreement with the principals to achieve high levels of competences for container, bulk carrier, general cargo, mpp, tankers, roro vessels, offshore vessels, passenger ships and superyachts.

Leeships can provide a wide range of crewing solutions for vessels since we have more than 500 seafarers in our database. For any enquiries please contact us.  
Leetankers - Leeships Tanker Management Services

Although Leeships initially specialized in the technical management and operations of general cargo, MPP roro and passenger vessels, we also provide our expertise in the management of oil and chemical tankers of all sizes. This began in 2013 when Leeships was approached by Bangladesh based investors to provide take over and management support for two aframax tankers of 105,000dwt leading to the creation of Leeships Tanker Management Services.  In 2014 the client announced their intention to build 2 + 2 newbuilding Medium Range Chemical Tankers under the supervision and care of Lee Tankers from the design stage to the completion.

Lee Tankers has since managed crude, chemical, gas and LPG tankers for private clients, listed companies and financial institutions.  

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Leeport Services - Energy and Offshore Services
Leeships joint venture with Seaport International Offshore.
Leeport Services was created in 2020 under a tripartite agreement with Seaport International Ltd (an offshore ship owner with 35 specialized offshore vessels) and Windward Energy Services under the jointly named brand Leeport.

Leeport supports a range of offshore operations covering the workhorses of the industry such as Ocean Tugs and Offshore Barges to AHTS and PSVS which support deep water operations, as well as sophisticated Saturation Dive Support Vessels. Our partner companies also operate vessels dedicated to specialized operations. These include AHTS, ATS, ASD Tug, Offshore Ballastable Barges, and Offshore Wind Support and Installation Vessels. 

 We maintain effective health and safety management plans – these are crucial in preventing injury and ill health. More details of our group company policies can be found elsewhere on this website.

Leeships Specialized Projects Division was established in 2006 to handle unusual, challenging and often time limiting projects which to dated have included:

  • Installation of ballast waster management plants (BWTS).
  • Salvage and repair supervision.
  • Recommissioning of laid up/damaged vessels.
  • Converting roro vessels to livestock carriers.
  • Converting container vessels to livestock carriers.
  • Converting an MPP vessel into a gantry fitted self discharger.
  • Yacht conversions and refits.
At Leeships each project is unique and comes with it own set of challenges however our priority is always to ensure the safe conclusion of each project in line with the clients remit. 

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Leeships Equipment Services division was formed to meet client demand for professional support in the equipment testing, surveying, supply and disposal of equipment and machinery both afloat and ashore. Reliable and up to date equipment plays a key part to the safety of personnel and reliable equipment support is considered as critical n the shipping and logistics industry. It is of prime importance for clients to understand if recently-repaired or newly acquired equipment is in good working condition before putting it for use. Equipment covered by Leeships Equipment Services division includes:

  • Port cranes and vessel (ship) cranes and lifting equipment.
  • Load and stress testing.
  • Cargo handling equipment and lashings.
  • Propulsion plants and installations.
  • Generators and auxiliary equipment.
  • Electrical and pumping systems.
  • Safety and emergency equipment. 
At Leeships we understand the importance of reliable equipment at all times. Each test is conducted in line with the relevant rules and regulations in order to ascertain the condition of the subject and is recorded in a detailed test report. 
At Leeships our business objectives set out clear clear-cut targets that guide our business and our employees towards continuous improvement and growth. Are group objectives are:

  • To ensure prompt quality services delivery at all times.
  • To invest in our people for our collective future.
  • To engage the most cost effective and efficient technology.
  • To ensure continued profitability and increased customer base.
  • To operate in a safe and conducive business environment.
  • To maximize the company’s core competencies.
  • To deliver quality services to our customers.
  • To ensure ongoing compliance with mandatory rules, legislations, and regulations.
At Leeships we take our company objectives very seriously and work to continuously implement and excel beyond these objectives.
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"Over half a century managing marine assets"

1970s - Lee Shipping Ltd
Lee Shipping Ltd was formed in 1970 to manage 2 small general cargo ships trading between the UK and Ireland until the mid-1980s. The company took its name from the mighty river Lee that rises in the Shehy Mountains and flows through the great merchant city of Cork and out to sea via Cork Harbour, the second largest natural harbour in the world. Many great mariners sailed from this river and it is in their honour that the company took its name.

1980s - Lee Shipping Company Limited
Lee Shipping Company was created to build on the existing skills of its founders and by the late 1980's it was clear that an increasing demand for reliable ship management services.

1990s - Lee Shipping Company Limited
By the mid-1990s Lee Shipping Company Limited grew to manage a fleet of 10 vessels ranging from general cargo ships to feeder container and MPP (Multi Purpose type vessels). As the fleet grew Lee Shipping Company began to diversify and managed ro-ro vessels and passenger ships (car and night ferries).

2000s - Lee Shipping Company (Shipmanagement) Ltd
Lee Shipping Company went through a period of further diversification in the 2000s, as well as ship management Lee Shipping Company handled the management of PSC (Port State Control) services for State-owned ports. By the mid-2000s, Lee Shipping Company was also managing dredgers and developing a consultancy business which covered everything from converting vessels to managing the re-engining of fast craft (fast ferries) at shipyards in Norway. By 2012 Lee Shipping Company were supervising the building of new MPP/container vessels in European shipyards for European ship owners.

2010 - Leeships Tanker Management Services - Lee Shipping (Tanker) Corporation Ltd - Lee Tankers
Lee Shipping (Tanker) Corporation Ltd was formed in 2010 to offer Tanker Management Services and specifically to manage aframax tankers and chemical tankers .

2020 - Leeport International Limited - Energy and Offshore Services
Leeport International Limited was created under a tripartite agreement with Leeships partnering with Seaport International Ltd (an offshore ship owner with 35 specialized offshore vessels) and Windward Energy Services (an international energy provider and subsidiary of Scott and English Energy Group). This newly formed entity was created to service offshore exploration and renewable energy projects world wide.

Today - Leeships Group
Lee Shipping Company has grown from a small ship management company into a group of companies and partners offering a one-stop shop for shipowners marketed under the collective brand of LEESHIPS. In 2015 an MOU was signed with an established ship management team based in Cyprus and Singapore, agreeing to the terms of a merger which added additional skills in tanker management, conversions, and refits. For a comprehensive list of references and an updated fleet list please contact Leeships directly.

Leeships - Our Logo
The Leeships logo (above) depicts a commercial ship on an even keel cutting through the deep blue ocean, an image that is intended to portray Leeships policy of trying to ensure that vessels under their management sail steadily and reliably while the shipowner rests soundly and with peace of mind ashore.
  • LEESHIPS - Administration and Enquiries - London Office - No. 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU, England
  • LEESHIPS has satellite offices in the UK, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus and The Netherlands. Please ensure your email is directed to the relevant office.