Environmental policy

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: The company and its Directors and Management are fully committed to a ZERO TOLERANCE policy ensuring that the waters on which its ships operate are protected from pollution and continuously strive to identify and correct any conditions perceived to be unsafe and hazardous to the environment. Pollution of the environment by a ship can be caused in a number of ways both as a result of system failure and of human error. LEESHIPS is committed to preventing both sources of error through a planned maintenance program and a program of education and training of staff, and through implementation of a set of procedures in accordance with its Safety management system. 

The objective of the Company is to prevent pollution of the environment from the following sources related to the aspects of its operations:

1. Oil
2. Noxious Liquid Substances
3. Sewage
4. Garbage
5. Dangerous Goods
6. Ballast Water
7. Cargo Vapour and Engine Emissions
8. Halons and CFCs
9. Noise
10. Anti-Fouling Paints.

LEESHIPS shall continue to work to achieve this objective by maintaining, implementing, and monitoring relevant SMS procedures and operational instructions. The Company has ensured that: The Environmental Prevention Policy is available to the public and being posted here. It is documented with a commitment to implement, maintain and communicate it to all employees. 

The Policy is available to and understood by all employees, and any persons working on company’s behalf, in the office and on board the vessels. The need for the organization to clearly define the scope of the Environmental Protection Policy is recognized.