Technical Management Services

Leeships provides full technical and ISM management services:

Leeships technical ship management services include:
Tailor-made technical management packages
Vessel inspections and audits
Drydock planning and supervision
Maintenance and repairs
Procurement of stores and spares
Lube oil and bunkering surveys and operations
Cargo handling
Quality assurance system
Budget control
Ship registrations and ship deletions

Leeships dedicated tanker department services include:
Pre-Vetting inspections in accordance with TMSA and OCIMF requirements
Class, Flag, P&I, third parties surveys arrangements
Ensuring vessels full compliance with all regulatory conventions including SOLAS, MARPOL etc
Ensuring vessels compliance with all Flag State regulations
Ensuring vessels are fully Classed and Seaworthy both technically and documents wise
Ensuring vessels compliance with all recent tanker industry’ requirements
Tank inspections, tank cleaning supervision, and tank coating maintenance

Leeships managers are not merely ship managers they are ASSET MANAGERS, dedicated to protecting the interests of the shipowner through effective management of his or her investment in their vessel or fleet.

Leeships management matrix covers the needs of:

The shipowner or investor
The crew
The flag state
The class

Leeships provide a comprehensive range of integrated ship management services to our own vessels and to our investors and partner companies. The combination of ownership heritage and the competitive service style of modern ship management give shipowners the best of both worlds. We have a dedicated team, which thinks long term as an owner would do himself, but at the same time keeping the maintenance and running costs low and ensuring that assets are managed professionally and in line with industry standards.